Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ideation&&&process: go!

so for my ideation* & process class, we're supposed to keep a sketchbook or some other type of visual log to help us investigate a chosen topic.
i'm making a real sketchbook, but i also don't want to waste ink & paper printing out the dozens of influences i find digitally every day, so those will go in this blog for now.
i'm going to try to update it every day or so, with both new discoveries and old obsessions.
i don't know my topic yet, but knowing me it'll be something along the lines of human/animal relationships, decomposition, old things, or the mountain goats (indirectly).

*(did you know that firefox's spell check doesn't recognize 'ideation' as a word? it doesn't recognize firefox either, though, so i'm not super worried.)

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