Friday, June 26, 2009

robert rauschenberg & joseph cornell

first, just spreading my love for one of my favorite artists, robert rauschenberg.
i learned all about him in phil larson's art history 2 class last semester.

he collected trash, antiques, and things that most people view as worthless, and through a combination of painting and assemblage, created work that both brought his materials into modernity and celebrated their past, giving them a sort of second life. (blather blather, just look at the pictures and enjoy. antiques, typography, taxidermy animals, collage, dripping paint -- what's not to love?)

"Canyon" - 1959 - oil, housepaint, pencil, paper, fabric, metal, buttons, nails, cardboard, printed paper, photographs, wood, paint tubes, mirror string, pillow & bald eagle on canvas

"Odalisk" - 1955-1958

"Monogram" - 1955-1959

"Coca Cola Plan" - 1958

"Satellite" - 1955

"Pilgrim" - 1960

"Bed" - 1955

"Contact" - 2003

"Rebus" - 1955

"Coexistence" - 1961


and, since he's loosely related stylistically, i'll also show some jospeh cornell.
(if you're a fan, or even if you're not, you should read a convergence of birds: original fiction and poetry inspired by joseph cornell. it's a collection of poems and short stories by quite a few famous writers, all in response to a request by its editor, jonathan safran foer, whose work is also featured in the book [and is naturally the best part].) my literary obsessions aside, please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses: (((()))) and enjoy the images below.

"Hotel Eden" - 1945

"Habitat" - 1942

"Paul and Virginia" - 1946-1948

"L'Egypte de Mlle Cleo de Merode, cours élémentaire d'histoire naturelle" - 1940

"Cockatoo and Corks" - 1946

"Toward the Blue Peninsula" - 1951-1952

"Apollinaris" - 1954

"for Stephanie" - 1945

"Forgotten Game" - 1949

this blog entry makes me want to major in sculpture :[